5 Best Diets to Start in 2022

As shocking as it may be, statistics reveal that 95% of diets fail. Many articles have been written, many dieting programs have been paid for, but only 5% follow through.

The type of diet you choose to follow should always be in alignment with your desired goal.

Some diets are better for weight loss like the Atkins diet, and for heart health, a Keto diet plan is recommended, among others.

Here are some healthy diets suggestions that are easy to follow and will set you up for better odds of diet success.

1. Mediterranean diet

This is a lifestyle-based diet inspired by the healthy communities in nations like Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. This diet comes with the least number of rules.

It takes you back to the solid nutritional basics. It emphasises taking more: vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes.

Proteins are also on the menu together with healthy fats like olive oil. This diet lifestyle has been linked to longevity among other benefits.

With the Mediterranean diet, you will keep hydrated. Drink at least six glasses to eight glasses of water a day. It can help you feel satisfied in between meals. The amount of water you take in depends on your activity levels.

You should be able to take in enough water that resonates with the activities you take part in; this can be a boon for your overall health.

In case you’re wondering where you can find the perfect Mediterranean diet meal combination, we may read reviews about healthy food services in the UK and have a good combination delivered to you.

2. Dash diet

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet works to lower blood pressure by asking those in a diet to reduce red meat consumption, alcohol and to participate in exercises each week.

Your heart health will improve if you follow these low fat and low sodium diets. You can expect some weight loss especially if you are replacing high-calorie processed foods daily with dash-approved meals.

Dash diet encourages taking foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. The diet limits foods that are high in sodium, saturated fats and added sugars.

People are still very focused on their mental health as the mental health cases increased over the last two years due to the pandemic.

Brain health and mental health are the main focus of people right now. People will want to relate their mental health and diet. With the Dash diet, expect perfect mental health.

3. Volumetrics diet

This diet helps you shed pounds higher than the other diets. It has to do with plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Unlike other diets that emphasize priority on certain foods and remove others, the volumetric diet does not restrict you from eating your favourite foods. It however requires you to keenly moderate your intake of these foods.

The volumetrics diet is based mostly on the volume of your meals. This diet is perfect for weight loss because of the low-calorie density of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits are high in fibre and water content which is good for weight loss as it promotes faster metabolism.

4. Nordic diet

In the Nordic diet, you will turn to foods that are high in plenty of seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits.

You will ditch processed, sugar-filled foods and incorporate a bit fewer lean poultry and beef than you would on a Mediterranean diet meal plan. You should avoid consuming more than the required sugars.

Added sugar in caffeinated drinks, breakfast foods, snacks and desserts can easily impact your diet. First of all, quit habits that may lead you to craving sugar, keep an eye on the amount of sugar you take in daily.

In the Nordic diet, olive oil is swapped for canola oil as a healthy oil.

Nordic dieters can work on lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation plus reducing future risk of cardiovascular diseases.

5. Noom diet

Lastly, the Noom is perfect for a self-starter kind of dieter.

It provides all the metrics you may need, nutritional information, clear guides on what you should be eating based on the colour code system and plenty of recipes to cook through.

With the Noom diet, you will have to cut off processed food, high-fat foods, and added sugars. These will be replaced with vegetables, fruits, dairy products, whole grains and healthy fats.